Harold R. Whelden Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. services and installs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on Nantucket.  Our company has provided Nantucket-based, high-quality service uninterrupted by off-island moves and/or bankruptcy(ies) with the same company name for 35 years.  Please contact us or browse our website to learn how our heating, air conditioning and insulation services can make your Nantucket home or business more comfortable and energy efficient.

For emergency service, please call (508) 228-0920. This number rings at our home because our customer's safety and comfort matter to us!

Below is a list of the services we offer. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to call us or get in touch through our contact page.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Copper Flashings
  • Copper Roofing (See Gallery)
  • Copper Shower Pans
  • Crawl Space/Basement Dehumidification
  • Custom Designed Bathroom Ventilation
  • Dehumidification
  • Duct Cleaning and Mold Remediation 
  • Fiberglass Duct-Board Removal/Hazardous Waste Disposal (Details)
  • Fiberglass Duct-Board Replacement with Metal Duct (Details)
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators
  • High Velocity Duct Systems
  • Humidification Systems
  • In Floor Radiant Heat Systems
  • Indirect-Fired Domestic Hot Water Tanks
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
  • Oil and Gas Burner Cleaning & Calibration
  • Sheet Metal Design & Fabrication (See Gallery)
  • Sound measuring and recording abilities. A DB meter which can be recorded and displayed on computer.
  • Indirect-Fired Water Heaters
  • Temperature & Humidity Data Recording
  • Thermal Infrared Imaging
  • Ultraviolet and Ozone Generators
  • Velometer Services. Balancing of air with a meter which measures the amount of air (with an actual meter, not a just someone's hand or toilet paper) so air can be adjusted based on facts.
  • Ventilation
  • Wall-Mounted Condensing Boilers (See Gallery)
  • Wall-Mounted Propane Fired 95% efficient Boilers & Furnaces
  • Warm Air Heating
  • Wine Cellar Equipment (See Gallery)
  • Wireless Internet-based Controls - For on-site or remote control of your property's mechanical systems