Eel Point Project

This project was unique because it was done in the winter. When the old system was removed, the new one needed to be on line that evening. To accomplish this the pump and control board had to be prefabricated in our shop, then Ryder electric wired it and Ramos Plumbing piped the new boilers for propane. With that done, the next morning we drained the system, removed the old equipment, delivered and installed the prefabbed pumping station, connected it to the new boilers and got the system back on line in 1 long day.

The Eel Point Project is one of my favorites. When we arrived, the home didn't heat well. The poorly designed and installed "system" did not fit the house's needs, leaving the homeowner with an inefficient and ineffective system that wasted money on propane and usually didn't heat the home to a comfortable temperature. It just looked to me like the original heating contractor did not take pride in his work.

It does not take that much more time to pay attention to details and make things look nice. As the cost of heating fuel continues to rise, conventional boilers and controls are making less sense. The new system in the Eel Point home is nearly 97% efficient thanks to a state-of-the-art control system. The cost of this conversion was about the cost of a higher-end SUV. Unlike that SUV, a good heating system- like this one, will reliably heat your home for decades and save you money every time the fuel truck comes by, not needing to add as much propane to fill the tank.