Harold R. Whelden Heating & Refrigeration services and installs a full range of heating systems, including:

  • boilers
  • furnaces
  • heat pumps
  • infloor (radiant) 


All of our technicians are experienced, highly-trained year-round island residents. This allows us to respond to service requests quickly and resolve your cooling problem in the shortest time possible. We always explain our fees upfront and guarantee our work, so you know and get what you pay for every time.

New Systems

We are the partner you want for any new home, remodel or system replacement project. We use the latest technology in every step of design, fabrication and installation, benefitting our customers with lower costs, and superior performance, reliability and efficiency.

To properly build a heating system, it is important to ensure that the equipment and duct work are "right-sized". We begin the process by using CAD software to calculate the heat load of the building.  The heat load calculation takes into account building layout, materials and geographical location to determine the exact amount of heat a system must generate and distribute to maintain a comfortable and controlled environment.  The data required for this calculation can be collected on-site or provided by the project architect or engineer.

Once the heat load calculation is complete, we help the builder and homeowner navigate a multitude of equipment options to design a system that suits their needs and budget. Throughout this process, we pay particular attention to the quality of materials and energy efficiency of equipment, as these factors affect the longevity and operating cost of the system. Our clients are often surprised to find how quickly superior equipment, controls, and duct work pay for themselves.

Heating System Replacement

We are your boiler replacement company because we are the only HVAC contractor on Nantucket with all of the necessary tools to do the job right. First, we use specialized Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to determine exactly how much heat a building needs to hold a comfortable temperature in various weather conditions. We have used such software for many years and consider it an indispensable tool. Unfortunately, many contractors still prefer to guess "conservatively", selling overpowered systems that burden owners with years of needlessly high gas, electric and fuel bills.

Next, we are 100% committed to quality and only install the best parts, materials and equipment. If we wouldn't use in our own home or business, we won't put it in yours.

Finally, our moving equipment that makes installation fast, efficient and painless. No torn up yards or ligaments. No scuffed floors and scratched walls. We make it our job to think of things like like this beforehand so you don't have to think about them after we leave.

If you are considering replacing your boiler or furnace, please call us for a second opinion and quote.


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