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Fiberglass Duct - AFTER "Saving Money" and NOT Installing Sheet Metal

The black and green on the inside of the fiberglass duct board that is pictured in the following pictures (no sheet metal duct work is visible) is by our best guess-timate about 6 to 8 years old.  This family was breathing in the fiberglass particulate, mold, mildew, and the other micro organisms that turn funky colors when given an opportunity to do so.  Their daughter had a persistent cough of undetermined origin.  After multiple doctors visits and a few suspected origins.  They had NO answers.  Until they replaced their fiberglass duct board "Box-and-Flex Duct System" with galvanized sheet metal duct work.  Did these homeowners "SAVE" anything when they originally built their home by installing fiberglass duct board instead of sheet metal duct work?  

The regulators that are "lobbied" heavily (and well I might add) by the fiberglass industry would have you believe that no harm will come from the installation of fiberglass duct board.  But, why do the fiberglass insulation installers wear protective eyewear and masks if fiberglass is not dangerous when it exists in an exposed wall (not covered) prior to hanging the drywall/plaster in your home?  Make the decision for yourself.  Do you want THIS in the ductwork throughout your home...for you and your family to breath?  Make sure that you are comparing "Apples to Apples" when you put your project "out to bid."  Not all duct systems are the same.

Just in case you were wondering...her coughing stopped about ONE day after the fiberglass duct board was replaced with true sheet metal duct work.