Preventative Maintenance Programs

Many of our customers have asked if we offer annual or biannual scheduled maintenance for heating and cooling systems. Typically, the customer had used such a service at another residence and wanted the same for their Nantucket home.

For years we considered offering scheduled preventative maintenance, but held off because we didn't see a satisfactory way to manage the resulting communication, data and schedules. Now that we have implemented an IT system that does just this, we're confident we can deliver preventative maintenance services of the same uncompromising quality our customers have come to expect.

Here is how the system works, in a nutshell. We attach a special label and 2-D barcode to the equipment we manage in your home (boilers, controls, pumps, condensing units, etc). We then gather information about that equipment (serial number, model, size, fuel, date installed, last service, etc.) and enter it into a computer system. The computer system attaches this data to the appropriate barcode ID, as well as all future work history, notes, service schedules and appointments. Our techs can scan the barcode and retrieve all this information on their iPhones or a tablet PC. Each label also has an eight-digit serial number printed on it for customers to refer to 

This new product benefits our customers in several ways. Putting information in a tech's hands saves us and our customers time and money. Now that we know exactly what parts are needed without having to visit the home, we can order them in bulk every year and pass on the savings (20-40%) to our customers. Further down the road, we plan to roll out a web portal where homeowners, caretakers and builders can log-in to schedule appointments and view work history and notes.

Scheduled maintenance also allows us to work on a customer's terms and schedule. It also heads off the "first hot/cold day of the year" nightmare. When problems occur at these times, as they often do, we receive more service requests than we can handle in a reasonable amount of time. Our goal is to treat each customer as if they were our only customer. Scheduled maintenance lets us improve our batting average from 995 to 1000.

Nobody likes to be on the "no-AC" list. With this service, you need not worry.

We are now signing up customers for annual (Spring or Fall), bi-annual (Spring & Fall) or customized service contracts. Please call Colleen or myself in the office or speak to our techs if you wish to learn more and get on the list. If you prefer, you can also contact us using the online form ("Request Service Call") on our website.


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